December 12, 2009

Best of ’09: New Food

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December 12 New food.  You’ve never had Mexican food until you’ve dined at Mexico DF in San Francisco. If you live in the Bay Area, RUN, don’t walk to this place. If you don’t live nearby, pray that someday soon you will be in the area and be able to savor this incredible, gourmet Mexican food.  All the food is so fresh, with real authentic choices like you’d get in Mexico (I’m told), as well as the California spin-offs. I’m not a food writer so I don’t even know how to describe it. Something like 5 different ceviche to choose from. A tequila bar (I was 5 months pregnant so the world was spared the antics of “Her-Tequilaness”. But they have world’s best Mexican hot chocolate as a stand in.) Pulled pork (pause  for drooling). Really, any part of the pork you’re into… tongue tacos, anyone?


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